Jake Shears rose to fame as the frontman of queer act Scissor Sisters, and after a recent hiatus from the music world is back with his first solo album. During the early 2000’s Jake was one of the few out and proud global pop stars in the world, and now reflects on the incredible queer talent we’re seeing high in the charts these days. We sat down Jake on the commodification of the gay experience, his battles with anxiety and depression, and what to expect from his new album.

“As out-and-proud and independently-minded as I like to think I am, I have felt pressure to conform in all kinds of ways. I’ve had major body image issues for the last 10 years. Like, what the fuck? Why do I struggle with that? I think about it all the time, and I feel like I’m in a better place with it now, but it’s definitely something I’ve struggled with. I’m super excited to go into my 40s, but I do feel like I have to reassess what it all means and I’ve been thinking a lot about that.”