The Walking Dead is a TV phenomenon that responded to the resurgence in Zombie popularity to effectively ‘infect’ the world and solidify itself as the go to programme of the gorey genre. One of the many breakout stars of the franchise, Daniel Newman, shared his coming out video on YouTube and received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans and and peers alike. Now working alongside GLAAD, Daniel continues to use his platform to educate and inform not only his queer following, but also the more mainstream audience of The Walking Dead. We caught up with Daniel on the importance of living your truth, how long he felt like he needed to repress his sexuality, and stepping up as a role model.


“Your sexuality is a huge part of your identity as a human being, and therefore it's so important to embrace your community, love yourself the way you are, and be open and proud about your identity. It's not only the healthy way to live for yourself, but – just as important – it's vital for the hundreds of millions of us in our society to have visibility, equality, respect, power, and to be role models for our community and the next generation. It's easy to oppress the invisible. It's easy to steal the rights from people who are silent or hate themselves. Power comes in loving ourselves and being visible and people of integrity, support and love for one another.”