Rain Dove, a former firefighter and now an internationally acclaimed model and activist does not subscribe to any construct of gender. A self-titled ‘gender capitalist’, Rain does not use the term non-binary to describe themselves, instead defying all concept of gender entirely and ‘capitalising’ on the various traits commonly associated with either the male or female forms.

In a world first, Rain Dove appears on the covers of both Gay Times and DIVA - two of the most influential and well-respected queer publications in the world, sending a strong message of support to those in our community who do not align with either of the archaic definitions of gender.

"For the first time in my life, this is the closest I could get to the truth. I love who I love and I'm open to any possibility of the future. I don't really care how people refer to me and I love my body and how it functions, but it isn't everything I am. I'm a tall human being who has a face that most people would describe as societally manly, but I've got the tits of a play bunny that occur naturally - all of which is pretty darn cool!"