Jay Versace is the most entertaining face of the new internet wave. Becoming a viral Vine star meant that the entire world bore witness to his success, with his hilarious six-second clips scattered across every social media platform on the face of the Earth. Having garnered over 2 billion Vine views, and a combined social following of over 4 million people, Jay represents the new breed of internet celebrity. After moving to L.A. to pursue his acting and comedy careers, we spoke with him on his religious upbringing, his public coming out video of 2016, and the freedom of expression he enjoyed on social media.

“There were times when certain people at my church were like, ‘what is he doing? Is he crazy?’ and within a couple of months of making content, I stopped going to church altogether. I couldn’t understand why you’d judge someone for not being like everybody else, and if I carried on at church I felt like people would convince me to be someone that I wasn’t.”

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