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In the second of our Summer of Pride campaign, we’re celebrating a new era of rising LGBTQ talent. Using their often mainstream platforms to fly the flag for queer visibility, our new issue joins them all together – many voices, one platform. From her place as a global frontrunner in the music world to the long-awaited release her new project Clarity, we join pop princess Kim Petras on set for her exclusive GAY TIMES cover shoot as she prepares for the world to fall in love (again) with literally everything she releases. Shot in New York City, your obsession is about to reach breaking point as Kim turns out the lewks. Alongside cover star Kim this month is Brendan Scannell – the star of Netflix’s mega-hit Bonding – queer, visible and defying gender normalities with his fashion. Alongside exploring life on screen as queer dominatrix, Brendan’s never been one to avoid conversations others so often try to avoid. Here he tackles representation for sex workers, his love of fluid fashion and even the impossible idea of ‘Straight Pride’ – obviously a hard pass. What else would it be?! Also in this issue: UK Black Pride co-found Lady Phyll, Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, Aurora, Drag Syndrome, Devery Jacobs, Gottmik, Plastique Tiara, Penguin Pride, Raymond Braun, plus fashion, travel and opinion pieces from all over the world!

While it doesn't take long to binge through Netflix's Bonding, the series of 15-minute episodes has undoubtedly left its mark on it audiences. Tracking the relationship of a gay guy and a straight girl on a journey towards sex-positivity, the show is an intimate portrayal of sex work and queerness, with an honest, raw approach to queerness. At its heart is Brendan Scannell, who has been thrust into the limelight following the show's success. We spoke on why Brendan hasn't become a go-to sexpert in his friend group, queerness in 2019, and why education is vital to the LGBTQ community.
"[My character on the show] goes on a hero journey from being very sex-negative to being very sex-positive, and I think that’s one that a lot of queer people do go through because we are inundated with such shame around our sexuality from such a young age. I think the opening up of that and unlocking of [my character] is something a lot of members of our community experience but don’t necessarily see on screen."
Pop music’s most exciting star is tearing up the rulebook. After exploding onto the scene with debut single I Don’t Want It At All – you know, the one that featured Paris bloody Hilton in the music video – Kim Petras has been on an upwards trajectory that simply refuses to falter. Dropping a new single each week, from disco anthem Sweet Spot to moody sad bop All I Do Is Cry, she’s setting the new standard for artists in the age of streaming. We spoke to the pop princess about the heartbreak that inspired her new Clarity era, why the music industry still discriminates against trans artists, and how she’s building her legacy one perfectly-crafted bop at a time.
“I’d gone through a bad breakup scenario and was really hurting, but I felt like I needed to cover that up all the time. I was doing back-to-back shows, singing all of these super happy songs, and then I would go and cry in my hotel room. [Now] I've learned to have the confidence that it's okay to be sad in my songs.”