Generation Gay Times was a three month editorial campaign that brought together a true cross-section of the LGBTQ community. While the campaign may be drawing to a close this month, Generation Gay Times lives on in every story and experience we amplify. Our final instalment is titled Vibrance, which sees our covers louder, prouder and brighter than ever before.

Starting his career behind the lens of YouTube, Riyadh Khalaf has developed into a fierce broadcaster, film maker and now author with an impressive following. His new book was written as a substitute for what he himself wishes he had when contemplating coming out as a teenager. With heartwarming stories from his family and celebrity contributions from the likes of Stephen Fry and Courtney Act, the book is a how-to-guide for LGBTQ youth embarking on their coming out journey.

“Live unapologetically and stop resisting the real you. Stop trying to conform to what you think is ‘normal’.”

Harris Reed is the gender fluid designer you need to stan. With an impressive arsenal of celebrity models including Harry Styles, Ezra Miller, Troye Sivan and Solange, Harris’ pieces serve not only as artistic expression, but as pivotal moments that spark conversation on the relationship between gender and fashion. In issue 494, Harris pens their Fluid Manifesto: an exploration into societal progression, representation in the LGBTQ community and the responsibility that fashion and the arts have to educate and inform the wider population. 

"I quickly found a deep fascination in the way that people would judge you based on how you present yourself to the world. Let’s say you put on a pink scarf, you walk down the street and you identify as a male. Depending on where you are, you could die."

The future of pop? You’re looking at her. Rina Sawayama is changing the music industry with her individual, unapologetic and unique approach to songwriting. When she isn’t writing certified bangerz or posing for some of the most prominent fashion houses in the world, the Japanese-British pop icon is raising awareness on LGBTQ and gender politics. This pansexual princess should definitely be on your radar.

“As women, and especially as queer people, we need to say no to things and be heard and stick our head above the water."

LGBTQ people have always idolised strong, independent women and when it comes to Dita Von Teese, there’s no doubting her status as a living legend. A staunch ally of the queer community, the burlesque performer has toured the world spreading her message of empowerment and sex positivity. In our latest issue, Dita speaks on the #MeToo movement, living without labels and how baffling it is that homophobia is still running rampant even within her own industry. 


"I've always just thought the most evolved way to be is when you love who you love and there's no parameters on it, that's the ultimate."