Turning looks, stunting pretty, she’s the bitch from New York City! Fresh from her historic RuPaul’s Drag Race win, we caught up with Aquaria to spill the mothertucking T, honey. When she sashayed her way into the the Season 10 werkroom, she’d already built up an acclaim and reputation within the Drag community that even some RuPaul girls would be jealous of. Aware of her reputation, and after a rocky start, Aquaria proved herself not only as a fiercely talented competitor but also as a deeply humble person. After our gagworthy shoot with America’s Next Drag Superstar, we caught up with her on the latest groundbreaking season of the show, her Twitter spat with Bebe Rexha and homophobia within the music industry. This is well and truly the dawning of The Age Of Aquaria, babes.

“People need to be a lot more forgiving and accepting of musicians sounding queer and draggy, and not expect us to all sound like our straight counterparts and competitors.”