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Hungry’s iconic drag style has gathered global recognition from Drag Race alumni, artists and more recently: Bjork. The Berlin native spoke with Gay Times about why you won’t be seeing her on Drag Race, the emerging Berlin drag scene and living her truth unapologetically.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race is generally quite dangerous at this point. It gives this perception of how drag is supposed to be and how people’s skills are viewed. The queens that leave the soonest are considered bad at drag, when it comes down to it. Just because they weren't good TV, or they couldn't adapt to what this reality TV programme is about. It becomes really dangerous because it is bad for their career, and for a lot of them, it turns into somewhat of a curse. It doesn't leave them. Of course, the network wants to bring good TV, but then it also should take care of what the queens take home with them, and it's a great programme, but it could teach a bit more about the aspects of drag. I'm happy I'm not involved, but I also wouldn't mind being involved if it changed.”